Red berries Ocoa 70% Panna Cotta

Ok, so in the previous blog post we discussed Iota and Kappa as possible alternatives to gelatine. I thought it would only be fair to share a delicious Vegan dessert recipe to go with it!

You will possibly see some more ingredients you are not very familiar with, not to worry I will cover those in future blog posts!

In this recipe I’m using Cacao Barry ‘s Ocoa which is part of the purityImage result for ocoa cacao barry range, it works well in this dessert because of its fruity & mildly sour notes. I also like to work with the purity range as they are fully sustainable chocolates, something Cacao Barry is trying to become across the board by 2025.


Ocoa 70% Panna Cotta

Almond milk  520g

Ocoa 70% 240g

Cane sugar  70g

Vanilla 1 pod

ProPannacotta (Iota) 1.6g


  • Heat almond milk, sugar and vanilla pod to 40 degrees C.
  • Add the Iota and mix well using a stick blender.
  • Bring to boiling point.
  • Emulsify with the chocolate and immediately pour into the desired mould.

Raspberry meringue

Water 200g

Potato whip 6g

Sugar 50g

Trehalose  75g

Water 75g

Icing sugar 100g

Raspberry compound 30g


  • Blend potato whip with the 200g water and whip
  • Combine 75g water, trehalose and sugar in a pot and boil.
  • Add icing sugar slowly to the whipping meringue.
  • When the sugar and trehalose reach 115 degrees C. slowly add to the whipping meringue.
  • Let the meringue whip until cool, add the raspberry compound.
  • Pipe or spread the meringue as desired and dehydrate in a dehydrator for 5 – 6 hrs.

Raspberry sorbet

Raspberry puree 500g

Dextrose 100g

Sugar 53g

Salt 3g

Sorbet stabiliser 5g

Inulin  25g

Lemon juice 25g

Water 317g


    • Heat water to 40 degrees C.
    • Add dry Ingredients and mix well.
    • Heat mixture to 75 degrees C.
    • Leave to cool fast and mix with the raspberry puree and lemon juice.

Raspberry gel

Raspberry puree 150g

Lime juice 50g

Sugar syrup 50g

Gelcrem cold (potato starch) 14g


  • Mix purees and syrup together and slowly add the gelcrem cold while using the handblender.
  • Blend for 3 minutes.
  • Store in the fridge and blend again before plating.

70% chocolate snow

Ocoa 70% chocolate 100g

Maltosec (Tapioca Starch) 40g

Salt 2g

Vanilla seeds 1 pod


  • Mix the ingredients together until snowy texture is achieved.
  • Store in an airtight and dry container.
*Decorate plate with fresh berries, a chocolate decor and micro herbs.

Did you try this Vegan dessert recipe? let me know your thoughts! [/av_textblock]



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