The ultimate Chocolate lovers tart!

This is one for the real chocolate lovers or ‘chocoholics’ out there! It’s simplicity in its purest form, but usually the simple things done well are best things in life. For this tart I’m using Cacao Barry’s 75% Tanzanie single origin, it is one of my favourite chocolates out there. When tasted blindfolded, I doubt anyone would guess this chocolate is 75%. It has delicate fruity notes with a floral perfume. Of course, you can use whatever chocolate you prefer, although you may have to adapt the recipe ever so slightly when substituting for a chocolate with a lower %. Like the Baileys tart I posted a while back, I’m using the Silikomart 80mm tart kit, which for the Irish readers here can be purchased through Redmond Fine Foods. Anyway, here you go with the recipes:

Cacao Sweet paste

Butter  110g

Salt  3g

Caster sugar   85g

Egg yolks   50g

Flour (T55) 120g

Black cocoa powder  15g

Baking powder   1g  


  • Make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature.
  • Mix butter with salt, caster sugar.
  • Add egg yolks.
  • Add sifted flour, cocoa powder and baking powder.
  • Roll to 3mm thickness between 2 parchment papers.
  • Store in the fridge over night.

Cara Crakine crisp

Italian Hazelnut Praliné (Sosa)  20g

Cara Crakine (Cacao Barry product) 150g

Pure Hazelnut Paste   15g

Sea Salt     1g

Mycryo   15g

Alunga 41%   15g

Tanzanie   10g


  • Melt chocolates and Mycryo to 34 degrees C.
  • Mix with the Cara Crakine, praliné and pure paste.
  • Spread between 2 sheets of parchment paper to 3mm thickness.
  • Cut disks that will just fit inside the mould.

Tanzanie Crémeux

Cream 35% 275g

Milk   60g

Glucose syrup   60g

Egg yolks   40g

Tanzanie 75%  210g

Sea salt  4.5g


  • Mix glucose, salt, milk and cream with the eggs and heat to 85 degrees C. (crème anglaise)
  • Strain, pour on top of the chocolate, emulsify and fill moulds immediately.

Dark chocolate Mirror Glaze

Water   75g

Sugar 150g

Glucose 150g

Condensed Milk 100g

Gelatine powder (200 bloom)   10g + 60g water

Tanzanie 75% chocolate 125g


  • Cook water, sugar and glucose to 102 degrees C.
  • Pour over condensed milk, gelatine mass and chocolate.
  • Emulsify and store overnight.
  • Heat 3/4 of the mix to 40 degrees C, add the other quarter and emulsify.
  • Glaze at 32 – 33 degrees C.


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