Our chocolates are handmade in Dublin. Combining Belgian craftsmanship and tradition with Irish ingredients.

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Chocolate aficionado’s may be familiar with the three main cacao variety family’s: Forastero, Trinitario and Criollo, but did you know that within those families there are hundreds of subvarieties? Each of these varieties has its own aroma’s and characteristics, further impacted by things like climate, soil and other crops growing in its periphery.

Most cacao, comes from the Forastero family and ends up in mass production, but in the Trinitario and Criollo families, some true gems can be found with sophisticated flavour profiles.

We believe that these truly great cacaos doesn’t need to be ‘enhanced’ with spices, caramels or sparkly colours. Truly great chocolate just needs to be enjoyed and experienced in its pure form.

That’s why we created this box with a selection of unadulterated ganaches having selected some of the finest cacao out there.

These chocolates require intent, much like a wine tasting, you will need to take your time. Start by smelling the piece of chocolate, then place in your mouth and bite through, let it melt and inhale through your nose while you are tasting the chocolate. Which aroma’s are you discovering? Is it bringing back some memories?

Chocolates in the Collection


Bolivia 68% wild cacao

This rare wild Criollo variety has an intense cacao flavour with notes of grapefruit and plums

Madagascar 64%

This is Chef Erik’s favourite chocolate, with its intense fruitiness and zesty notes of citrus and red fruits.

Venezuela 72%

This chocolate is Intense, floral, with a gentle woodiness and notes of prunes and currants

Madagascar plantation Millot 74%

Another chocolate with beans from Madagascar, yet all sourced from the ‘Millot’ plantation, 72%: fruity, zesty and intense notes of cacao.