Brownie base

  • Cuba 70% chocolate  316g
  • Butter 354g
  • Whole eggs 312g
  • Sugar 622g
  • Vanilla extract 27g
  • T45 flour 352g
  • Cocoa nibs 150g
  • Glucose Syrup 117g
  • Maldon salt 6g


• Blend Cocoa nibs into sugar.
• Whip eggs, salt & sugar for approx. 5minutes.
• Melt the butter & chocolate t o50degrees Celsius.
• Heat the glucose to 50 degrees Celsius and add to the whipping eggs.
• Slowly Incorporate melted fats into the egg-mix while mixing at low-to-medium speed.
• Carefully mix in the sifted flour.
• Pipe into silicone moulds and place in the fridge for 24hrs.
• Before baking, insert some small pieces of toffee (recipes below) and top with hazelnut crumble.
• Bake at 175 degrees Celsius until the centre reaches 90 degrees Celsius.




Toffee for baking

  • Butter 227g
  • Sugar 219g
  • Water 45g


• Place all ingredients together in a pan and slowly caramelise at medium heat while constantly stirring.
• Once a golden brown colour is reached, pour the mixture onto a silicone mat to cool down and sprinkle with sea salt.
• Break into small pieces when Cold.


the mix will become split half way through the process, this is normal, it will come back together once the caramelisation process is complete.

Hazelnut Crumble

  • Butter 176g
  • Sugar 176g
  • Maldon salt 1.5g
  • Ground Hazelnuts 220g
  • T55 flour 176g


• Mix all ingredients until mixed but still powdery/chunky.
• Place in the freezer.
• Place on top of the brownie when ready.



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