Vegan 70% Ocoa and red fruits dessert

Red berries Ocoa 70% Panna Cotta Ok, so in the previous blog post we discussed Iota and Kappa as possible alternatives to gelatine. I thought it would only be fair to share a delicious Vegan dessert recipe to go with it! You will possibly see some more ingredients you are not very familiar with, not to worry I will cover those in future blog posts! In this recipe I'm using Cacao Barry 's Ocoa which is part of the purity range, it works well in this dessert because of its fruity & mildly sour notes. I also like to work with the purity range as they are fully sustainable chocolates, something Cacao Barry is trying to become across the board by 2025.   Ocoa 70%

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Iota and Kappa, 2 gelling agents that should be part of your staple for creating beautiful vegan desserts!

Animal free gelling agents, an overview + Vegan Panna Cotta dessert. The customer is becoming ever more demanding leaving us chefs being forced to adapt to the new landscape or risk being left behind. Replacing gelatine is probably one of the biggest challenges in creating ‘free from’ desserts as gelatine is one of the most versatile gelling agents and we’ve been using it for… well decades! Does that mean vegans and vegetarians are doomed and should give up on the hope of ever having a nice dessert? Well no, with a little bit of education we can work around gelatine, although it must be said, it’s quite a bit more complicated but here is an overview of some Animal free gelling agents, ideal for creating

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