“Pure Irish” bonbons

The best of what Ireland has to offer in a bonbon Ireland is home to some great products, Irish whiskey is an obvious one, perhaps lesser known is the honey. In this bonbon, I'm combining three of Ireland's foodie treasures! I chose "Yellow spot whiskey" from Mitchell & Son, which spicy, peachy and honey aromas. For the honey, I'm using Michael Dickson's raw honey from his hives on Ballagh Honey Farm in Co. Tipperary Which I genuinely find one of the best honey I've tried, on a par with the Yemeni ones I tasted while living in Saudi Arabie.  (Yes, Yemeni honey is also excellent.) Finally, of course, we all know about the Irish dairy from grass-fed cows, I prefer Glenilen farm butter for my

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The ultimate chocolate lovers tart!

The ultimate Chocolate lovers tart! This is one for the real chocolate lovers or 'chocoholics' out there! It's simplicity in its purest form, but usually the simple things done well are best things in life. For this tart I'm using Cacao Barry's 75% Tanzanie single origin, it is one of my favourite chocolates out there. When tasted blindfolded, I doubt anyone would guess this chocolate is 75%. It has delicate fruity notes with a floral perfume. Of course, you can use whatever chocolate you prefer, although you may have to adapt the recipe ever so slightly when substituting for a chocolate with a lower %. Like the Baileys tart I posted a while back, I'm using the Silikomart 80mm tart kit, which for the Irish

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