For this Father’s day we have created something very special in collaboration with Teeling Whiskey.
We have carefully tasted the Whiskeys and come up with a individual chocolate to complement each Whiskey:

With the Single grain, we discovered aromas of honey, orange blossom and almonds, so we created a classic looking bonbon with a layer of almond marzipan, perfumed with a touch of orange blossom, topped with a ganache made from Mexican cacao beans and Irish honey.

With the Single Malt, we noticed a pronounced note of vanilla and apricot, and subtle ‘woodiness’ so we created a bonbon with a fruity apricot & vanilla gelee, and a ganache made with Ecuadorian cacao, which has a pronounced woodiness itself.

Finally we have the Whiskey 6 months aged in a rum cask, which has strong notes of muscovado sugar, raisins and spice.
This Whiskey we paired with an intense Muscovado caramel, and a ganache made with Saint. Dominican Cacao, which has notes of red fruits and spice.


The selection comes in a box 9, 3 of each flavour.
Allergens: Treenuts, Milk, Wheat