Did you know 99.9% of cacao is cultivated on purpose-built plantations? And that cacao varieties have been so mixed up that sometimes it’s hard to know if a Criollo is actually still a true Criollo variety.

However, there is still a very tiny amount of cacao that is left untouched for native people to grow in the rainforests of Bolivia and this is true wild Criollo. The only time these exceptional cacao trees are touched is when the trees are ready for harvest, and only then the local Chimane people from the region are allowed to harvest.

Incredibly, this cacao is the same cacao as the ancient civilisations in South America used to consume 1500 BC. There is just something so special about this heritage, so we decided to dedicate an Easter egg to it with traditional Bolivian street art colours.

Each egg is filled with truffles made with wild Bolivian cacao. A real chocolate lovers treat!!

Net weight: 550g

Allergens: Soja, Milk
Produced in a facility that contains: Milk, Wheat, Egg, Tree nuts