Our chocolates are handmade in Dublin. Combining Belgian craftsmanship and tradition with Irish ingredients.

Last year we brought the Forbidden love collection, representing the fiery and intense period you experience at the start of a love story. The Precious gems collection is the next chapter in a love story: Perhaps a little less intense, but more mature and certainly more valuable.



The Sapphire symbolises wisdom, faithfulness and sincerity. A symbolism that matches the intricacy of a truly special Cacao which is why this chocolate is filled with a ganache made with the very special chocolate made from Cacao of the ‘Alto el Sol’ plantation in Peru without bells and whistles: simple, honest and delicious.
This cacao will make you think there are red fruits added to the chocolate, but the fruity notes are all actually from the cacao itself.



The Ruby, perhaps unsurprisingly, symbolizes passion, love, and courage.
We believe that symbolism matches a combination of a rich caramel ganache with a touch of heat from Chilli peppers, sea salt, and a touch of lime.



The Emerald symbolizes love, devotion & adoration.
We associate this symbolism with the refreshing sweetness of a green apple & lemon gelee topped with a ganache scented with a hint of cinnamon, vanilla and Timur berry.



Perhaps the pearl is not a gemstone in the literal sense, but is often found in engagement rings and symbolizes harmony, humility, and purity.
We thought this deserved a white chocolate vanilla ganache perfumed with Madagascan vanilla, a hint of mocha, and a coffee crisp.